FaceStation Gaming

FaceStation Gaming was a series of Flash games I helped build with the Center for Autism Research in Philadelphia. The games were designed to help treat prosopagnosia in children with autism.

Prosopagnosia, or face blindness, was thought to be one of the root causes of the social disabilities many people with autism experience. The FaceStation games challenged players to identify faces and rewarded them with exciting gameplay in an attempt to re-train their visual processing centers.

My primary contribution to FaceStation Gaming was a Peggle clone called The Adventures of Pennsylvania Jones. I designed, programmed, and provided most of the art and sound for the game. The game itself rewarded players for properly matching the identities or emotions of the face in the pachinko launcher with a set of colorful gems on the left side of the screen. For any given shot, the pegs of the matching color were worth additional bonus points. The goal was to reward players for making the proper matches, but also allow them to enjoy the chaos of a great Peggle shot even if they didn’t make the right match.

I also provided art, sound, and design support for most of the other games in the series, including Train Zoom, a match 3/tower defense inspired game, and Dr Face’s Potion Shop, a juicy physics-based matching game.